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​​​Bond-Based Choice Teaching™
A Modern Approach to Teaching Dogs.

Upcoming Seminars

April 9 & 10, 2018
Nashville, Tennessee​
Bond-Based Choice Teaching for Dogs.
Presented by Judy Luther
Hosted by Dogs and Kat & Kat Martin Ray

For more Information and Registration visit

Optional Accreditation educational dinner
will be held Monday evening.


Seminar Information

Learn from the founders of Bond-Based Choice Teaching

 Judy and Jennifer have developed Bond-Based Choice Teaching seminars for 
pet professionals and pet owners.  Seminars are offered at at various locations throughout the US.
 The seminar will explain the origins of this revolutionary new 
method.  Join us for a fresh look at what science has taught us about how dogs perceive our shared
world.  We are excited to offer Bond-Based Choice Teaching to individuals who share our
belief in the extraordinary power of the human-dog bond. Do not miss this opportunity to be among the
first to learn this revolutionary approach to teaching dogs and the people who love them.

Seminar Topics:
- Hands-on exercises (depending on location)
- Learning the basics of Bond-Based Choice Teaching
- How to educate your students in Bond-Based Choice Teaching
- Learning there is a deeper understanding and bond with our dogs
- The latest science pertaining to dogs and the relationship 
   between man and dog.
- Behavior and Cognitivism as models for teaching dogs.
- A look at Social relationships as a teaching tool.
- Bond-Based Choice Teaching Methodology.
- Secure Attachment in dogs including how to facilitate development.
- Cognitive Capacities and Development.
- Emotional Capacities and Development.
- Social Capacities and Development.
- Physical Capacities and Development.
- The impact of pain on Behavior-Recognition and Management Guidelines.
- Teaching Dogs using Bond-Based Choice Teaching.
- Teaching People to Utilize Bond-Based Choice Teaching Techniques.
- Working with Service and Therapy Dogs under ADA (Alliance) Guidelines.

Interested in hosting a 
Bond-Based Choice Teaching Seminar in your area?

Judy is available to come to your location and present the
Bond-Based Choice Teaching program.
One, two or three-day seminars are available.
Dates book up fast, so if you are interested please contact Judy for information.

Judy Luther